12 Simple Steps to SETTING & ACHIEVING your Goals

Ever wonder how to Set & Achieve your goals? Have you ever said to yourself, “Will my Dreams EVER come true?”Dreams are Free However the Journey Isnt - John C Maxwell - Vicki Fitch

If you are following my daily livestreams, you know that this is year of the TRIFECTA of Goal SETTING but how many people are actually ACHIEVING those goals?

I am going to be really vulnerable here and share my BIG GOAL for 2018 but I am also going to give you the 12 Simple Steps to achieve yours!

Let me start by sharing mine as well as my Step by Step plan for achieving them

If you follow me on any social media platform you may have seen the content and graphics starting to trickle out about my #BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) this year of Publishing 12 Books in 12 Months. Yes, you heard it right. 12 Books in 12 Months! That is one book a month for all of 2018.

Join the #Fitch5000 #12Books12Months www.VickiFitch.com/5kAlthough I realize it is truly a #BHAG I have every confidence in the world I can achieve it. My tag line of “Dream it, Believe it & Achieve it!” is a motto I actually live by.

I started out with the DREAM.

I thought about all this content that I have and the books I’ve verbally written via livestreaming by sharing the content with you and told you the books were coming but I never put the action plan in place to make it happen.

I knew I could do it but until I started talking about it, it was simply an idea in my head drifting aimlessly along waiting for a dome of empty time to fall out of the sky and insulate me from the world so I could concentrate on the next steps. Once I started talking about it and sharing it out loud, I got the support of my Tribe who connected me with others who were eager to help me with my #BHAG. Seeing the flood of support from others encouraging me, I truly embraced it and solidified the fact that I did BELIEVE and so did others.

The next step is simply about taking action so I can ACHIEVE it.

This Blog post is for the ACTION TAKERS out there who are ready to take their business or their lives to the next level. They are ready to #RockThatDream in 2018 and I want to be part of your journey and reward you along the way.

First, I will share my 12 Simple Steps to SETTING & ACHIEVING your Goals and share some links as well for the materials I use. Some of them are affiliate or promotional links but I share because I care and I know they made a difference in my life and will make a difference in yours too if you give them a chance.

1. Create the DREAM
2. Assemble the TEAM & Build a TRIBE
3. Map out a PLAN
4. Create a MARKETING Strategy
5. BREAK it DOWN into manageable pieces
6. SCHEDULE the activities in with your current life
7. BUILD your LIST
8. LEAD your TRIBE
10. MEASURE your progress
11. ADJUST as necessary

#1 Create the DREAMCheck! #12Books12Months and actually live my life and have fun while doing it!

#2 Assemble the TEAMCheck! The 3 Musketeers are almost ready to announce their alliance! (Stay tuned) I found a publisher who believes in me and my #BHAG and a second team member who will help implement and promote the books as well as help me create content to go along with the books. Extra layers of support to help those that are reading the books, get the most out of them. Plus of course my team of VA’s whom I couldn’t do this without!

#3 Map out a PLANCheck! I won’t share all my secrets here but I will tell you items #3-#6 are part of a Custom Course The Rock Star Guide to Gettin It Done - Vicki Fitch www.VickiFitch.com/CoursesI created called The Rock Star Guide to Gettin’ It Done and “It Will Change your Life… If you let it.” I have a plan on what I want to get done. #12Books12Months with content for at least 4 of them. A plan is useless without a strategy to implement it.

#4 Create a MARKETING StrategyCheck! I am an excellent marketer but admittedly have been guilty in the past of spending so much time focusing on my clients and helping them achieve success that sometimes I am like the proverbial Cobbler who has children with holes in their shoes. Writing your strategy down and then doing Step #5 will keep you on track! A new Marketing Strategy I am doing with this one is a DAILY VLOG on YouTube sharing 1-5 minute videos about how my progress is going. Sharing the Ups & the Down’s will help to keep it real and keep people connected!Follow my Daily VLOG on YouTube for the #Fitch5000 #12Books12Months Journey #BHAG18 - Vicki Fitch

#5 BREAK it DOWN into manageable piecesCheck! In order to execute a plan, you must have it broken up into smaller tasks which can be accomplished in hourly, daily or weekly goals. The nature of a #BHAG (Big Hair Audacious Goal) sounds almost impossible to achieve because it is so immense, but when it is broken down into bite sized pieces that can be done in blocks of time your vision becomes clearer and it is easy to execute the plan. For example I know to do 1 Book a Month I need to write approximately 2000 words a day! (I know that is scary for many of you but you aren’t trying to write #12Books12Months. If you were writing a book in 1 year that would break down to about 140 words a day which is a manageable.

#6 SCHEDULE the activities in with your current lifeCheck! Often we decide to add some major #BHAG and Believe we can do it but don’t actually figure out HOW we are going to do it since we already have an existing life, responsibilities and projects that need our attention. Effectively scheduling your time by layering and group tasking is the ultimate solution and what allows me to accomplish so much in small amounts of time. The Rock Star Guide to Gettin’ It Done is a Step by Step guide to getting MORE done in LESS time and TIME is something EVERYONE VALUES.

(MY GIFT TO YOU – Order between today and 1/15/18 and use the code Free50 you will save $50)

#7 BUILD your LISTCheck! I always love to do a List Building challenge in January & June and Nathalie Lussier’s 30 Day List Building Challenge is Vicki Fitch doing the Nathalie Lussier 30 Day Challengethe BOMB! Click the link and join us now! The first couple days only take about 5 minutes so jump in as soon as you can!

#8 LEAD your TRIBECheck! In my Entrepreneurial Rock Stars Group we have a Book Club and this month’s book is Tribes by Seth Godin and he talks about Leading your Tribe.  When you provide vision and value you have the formula for success! That being said, I would LOVE for you to be part of my Tribe that is supporting this #BHAG18 so if you want to learn more about the #Fitch5000 and to join the journey, please click the link!

TEASER – there will be some freebies and special things for my #Fitch5000!

#9 DELIVER VALUECheck! If your goal is just to GET people to do something for you, you aren’t building a TRIBE but you are missing the point. You should understand the providing VALUE should be your MAIN FOCUS, otherwise the rest of these steps are meaningless and will serve no true long term purpose beyond some vanity metrics that will likely quickly fade. I livestream free content everyday to bring value to the community and even do a show on Friday Nights called #AskVicki Ask A Serial Entrepreneur Anything

#10 MEASURE your progressCheck! I have daily goals of writing 2000 words a day, reaching out to people that have asked to be involved and networking with new people that might want to join the journey! I measure my daily progress and note if I am ahead or behind. When you schedule out these bite sized pieces of information that in itself will keep you on track to whether you are moving forward toward your DREAM. Any forward motion is progress and should be celebrated.

#11 ADJUST as necessaryCheck! On my weekly planning day I evaluate my progress and see where I might need to adjust my time to better serve my goals. You may need to adjust or reevaluate your goals if you are consistently unable to meet them or if you are consistently surpassing them. Adjustments on either side are simply indicators of you needing to review your DREAM and choosing if you should expand it or develop a modified action plan.

#12 REPEATCheck! I do the same thing each week which is constantly targeting, executing evaluating and adjusting to keep me on course! It is as simple as that!

There you have it! The 12 Simple Steps to Setting & Achieving your Goals! Now it is time for you to get into ACTION! Leave a comment and let me know how I can help you!

Watch my daily livestreams for tips & tricks on Money, Mindset & Motivation to #RockThatDream in 2018!

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!Vicki