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A Complimentary 20 minute call to give you clarity on your business, the direction you need to take and a glimpse at what working together would look like so we can be confident that we can crush it together.  Click the “Let’s Get this Party Started” link below to schedule your free consultation!

Kristine Dutra“Vicki Fitch has been such a source of inspiration and guidance in helping me with strategies on ways to grow my Direct Sales, Ruby Ribbon, Shapewear business. Vicki’s specific advice in regards to building my personal brand by offering personal styling appointments, thus creating a loyal customer base. After taking her advice I have seen a shift in my personal sales goals each month! “

With Gratitude, Kristine Dutra – Ruby Ribbon Independent Stylist


Heather Sebestyen cropped“Vicki Fitch inspires, encourages, and provides valuable insight as well as tools to help any business. Knowing she is a Direct Sales expert and after viewing her podcast interview, I met with her to discuss taking my Rodan+Fields premium skin care business to the next level. She assisted me in reframing the way I approach certain situations and helped me create a plan with measurable goals. By putting her advice into action the same week as our meeting, my business has already grown. Vicki is clear and concise in how to be successful like a coach coming along side, cheering me on. During our meeting I was brought to tears with gratitude because of her kind and gentle spirit. I look forward to continuing on with Vicki and watching my business grow!”

Heather Sebestyen – Rodan & Fields Independent Consultant

MiguelMendoza“Vicki Fitch is an outstanding leader and public speaker. Her reputation as a leader inspires others such as myself to achieve a greater level of success. Her speaking engagements are informative, relevant, fun, and memorable. Vicki’s proven track record, excellent communication, and knowledge have established her as a dynamic professional within the community. I have personally benefited tremendously by learning from Vicki’s example as an effective communicator.”

Miguel Mendoza – Owner/COO
Reality Christian Magazine

Gina Brokaw“I first met Vicki in one of my networking groups.  Upon our first meeting, I was taken by her 30-second introduction. She was very poised and got her message across within that time frame.  When she was chosen to give her 20-minute presentation of her business is when I really noticed not only is she good at 30 seconds, she is fantastic at 20 minutes.  Her presentation was very fluid, keeping on point and never stammering for words.  She can capture an audience with her content, style and conviction. Vicki is a very positive person, always having words of encouragement for others, always seems to have just the right words to say and a willingness to help.  I consider myself very fortunate to have met her and call her my friend.”

Gina Brokaw – Younique, Independent Presenter

Jacquise Edmonds“Vicki is a passionate and gifted speaker. Her teaching style is captivating and compelling. Vicki’s faithfulness, dedication, and commitment to excellence is what I appreciate most. If you desire to work with someone who can deliver professional services with full confidence and a genuine heart, then I recommend partnering with Vicki today!”

Jacquise Edmonds – Christian Life Coach & Mentor

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