12 Books in 12 Months

If you are here then you heard about my #BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for 2018 of being the first person ever to Publish 12 books in 12 months! #Fitch5000

Don’t you love it when someone is willing to risk and share the goal no matter how Crazy everyone else says it is?  Don’t you want to root for people who are willing to lay it all out there?

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Spoiler Alert – there may even some SWAG!


You will be granted special access to the Author’s Edition as soon as they are available. The behind the scenes pre-edited version of the book will be available immediately on it’s Pre-Launch date and we will ship you the physical copy as soon as it is in print.

Your map that connects all the books is also used to navigate your way through the M3 Triangle (Money, Mindset & Motivation). Unlike the Bermuda Triangle you won’t be lost at sea, you will discover who you are and what you are meant to be.

I hope you take this journey with us! I’d love to have you aboard and look forward to serving you this year and beyond!

On Sale Now

Direct Selling 101: A Step by Step Guide to #RockThatDream in the Direct Sales Industry delivers on the tagline: “Increasing Sales, Scheduling & Recruiting Confidence for you and your Team”

If you are currently in, ever have been or have ever thought about being in the Direct Sales Industry, Direct Selling 101 is a must have resource and the solution you are looking for.

With over 20 years of experience in the Direct Sales Industry, spending Top 10 Internationally in Sales & Recruiting for more than a decade, gives Vicki the experience to guide you and your team to stronger sales, scheduling and recruiting. With her fun and funny analogies, helping you to overcome your fear, strengthen your skills and ReFrame your thinking she will have you laughing as you sell your way to success.

Sales – Recruiting – Scheduling – Follow Up – Social Media – LiveStreaming

Offering an Exclusive Monthly Coaching Call in conjunction with this go to guide is the long term solution you need to turn your passion into your profit. Get a copy for yourself and each of your team members if you want to see your numbers growing and their effort showing.

The education doesn’t stop here because there are 4 more books in the Direct Selling Series coming out in the coming months. These books are the only resources you will need. Covering much needed topics and doing a deep dive on all things related to Money, Mindset and Motivation.


Praise for Direct Selling 101

If direct sales has ever scared you, then this book will equip you with the confidence you’ll need to make all the sales you want to succeed in your business. Direct Selling 101 is the book that I will go back to over and over again because it is literally thousands of dollars worth of sales coaching and knowledge of people put skillfully and humorously into bite size pieces that anyone can digest. Vicki has hit it out of the park with this book and I can’t wait to read the rest of her series“. – Stacy Lynn Harp, Bible News Radio

“This is a Business Coach in a Box! It is easily worth $5,000!”

“I’m not even in Direct Sales and I wanted to go out and sell something!”

Coming Soon

By the way, did I tell you my 2nd #BHAG?

I want all 12 books to be Best Sellers! (YES! – Shoot for the Cruise Ship!) and while I am at it I might as well share the 3rd #BHAG to get on National TV too! (I know! Go Big or Go Home!)

The fact that you found this page means you either saw me on a broadcast or someone shared this with you and I am honored that you stopped by and would be thrilled if you added yourself to the list of #Fitch5000 Supporters.
What does it mean to be part of the #Fitch5000?

First your name will be in at least one of my books on the #Fitch5000 page as I share the journey and the people who were willing to Step Up & Stand Out for me!

Second, you will get the opportunity to provide input on cover art and title for the books, chapters, etc.

Third, you will get a free gift from me! It might be an early release of the book, an extra copy if you order one or a variety of other things. I don’t know what it will be just yet but you have my word, you will get something for your willingness to support me and my #BHAG’s!

So if you want to be part of this movement, fill in your info and soon you will get some info about my progress. Wouldn’t it be cool if we did get on TV and I could give a shout out to the #Fitch5000 Charter Members who made it all happen? Have your names on my website and a link to your business there too? When we make it to National TV, I promise that will happen and I will do my best to squeeze that URL in during the segment!

So what do you say? Are you ready to board the crazy train and support a 6ft tall Redhead that is ready to Rock the world with Hope and a Happy Spirit? I appreciate you and can’t wait to help you #RockThatDream!

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!