#AskVicki Ask A Serial Entrepreneur Anything

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  1. Kim Wende says:

    @adam_tech71 Adam for me I will be listing my price, but it will be as a package not by the hour. I like to see the prices people charge that way I know if my budget can handle it before I get in touch with them.

  2. Adam Tech says:

    @kimwende ok, excellent! thanks! I have set products with prices but I have consulting rates and that was my discussion with someone not to list, I say to list on site….. Just asking more people , thanks Kim!!

  3. Ken Evans Jr says:

    Fact is I hate my “regular” job though it is what I have been doing for 30 years. Tried way too many Direct Marketing companies…Hard for me to focus because I love the thrill of the start up…the dreaming, the challenge and the technology that goes with it. I am working on it and appreciate your input tonight.

  4. Christohper says:

    @momtrepeneurist There are so many things you can use, if its a book you can use Jvzoo and clickbank and more. I can point out a few others just follow me back on twitter or Vic is Great

  5. The author is Mike Glauser, he’s coming out with a new book next year. It will be promoted by Entrepreneur.com but I’m helping him build up his social presence online. Our goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs, primarily people looking to build lifestyle-type businesses.

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