#AskVicki Ask a Serial Entrepreneur CONFIDENCE Evicting the Bully in your head

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Vicki Fitch, BibleNewsRadio, Aaron Hendrickson, Jacki Windish, Bryan Keith Rohrer.com, Robert C. Stern, Ricki Prime, Sherri Siegel, sam david, and Sa


  1. I am in the same spot Vicki My Mother was a vicious alcoholic abuser, and she died in her 40’s and I never knew my real dad and he died in his 40’s and now I would love to have my time to ask questions as to why!, But the fact that I have no family left to ask those questions is frustrating

  2. Or if GOD really Loved me he wouldn’t have let me have such a miserable Childhood, living in fear, beatings, etc… I now know it was to make me stronger and be able to be who I am today !.

  3. There comes a point in everyone’s life that the burden becomes to much to carry alone. The only person that can really help is God. “Take my yoke upon you . . . ” is really God’s way to yoke up your burden with His strength.

  4. The peace I get is knowing that ‘EVERYTHING” happens for a reason… and I can find peace in knowing that – I may not understand it now but at some point it will come clear,

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