#AskVicki @vicki_fitch Ask A Serial Entrepreneur Anything – Business Coaching

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Vicki Fitch, BibleNewsRadio, Stacy Braiuca, Adam Nally, D.O., Inspirational Expert, Gael, Anthony Davis(Tony), Kendra Roberts, Anna Rounseville, Cliff Bodenweiser “TMoB”, and Melanie Miele


  1. I’m studying human brain, and it’s incredible how instant gratification is a limbic response and if you continue this, it can take away from your reasoning…changes your brain to much like an addicts brain!

  2. @ArenaSportsNet I know right??!! It’s interesting how instant gratification over longer periods can block the blood flow from your frontal lobes…this causes people to have all kinds of obstacles in daily life and not to mention in business or developing healthy habits.

  3. @ClaudiaSantiago the past 72 hours have told me so much about me and about how to run and build my business. Starting tonight my healthy habits started – I know it’s only the first night, but dauggaune I feel better!!!!

  4. @docmuscles It’s so hard for people to accept compliments these days because people have a hard time seeing the sincerity & integrity in them or at all these days so they think that there is some kind of anterior motive behind them. It also put the receiver in a venerable & uncomfortable area so as a defense mechanism to not accept them.

  5. Wheeeeee we used to use something like that in CampFire (going camping, etc) and that is a great idea for people to use for lunches, picnics, and camping all of the above! Helps with environmental concerns