Shhhh… It is Chocolate Johnny’s Birthday!

Hey Everyone,

If you found this page, you know we are celebrating Chocolate Johnny’s birthday and want your help to make it a HUGE success and a “Cracker” of a day! He gives so much to everyone, it is our turn to give back to him.

Here are 4 Ways you can get involved but you have to HURRY!!!


I need EVERYONE to do item #1 ASAP


  1. I am making Johnny a Gift of Gratitude book to show him how much he means to everyone. I need you to type something up (or create a jpg) and send it to me with a picture of you to add to the book. Share how he has touched your life. It doesn’t matter how long or short just email them to me ASAP (I need them ASAP) to

  2. If you want to send a gift or card, we will ship it to AUSTRALIA for you! You just need to HURRY) I have enlisted the help of Jana Francis to ship all the items to Johnny. Please get your items to her by 10/17/15 Her address is Attn: Jana Francis 2181 California Ave.Suite 400, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

  3. If you are Close Friends with Johnny (I tried to send DM’s to those I could) I would like to add you to one of these two events. We will be doing a Birthday PeriTrain AND a BLAB where I will schedule people to come in and give a quick personal message wishing him Happy Birthday and telling him WHY he means so much to you. Please email me at to get a slot or Click Here to register for the email communication list and put your desired event and time slot in. They are limited but I will fit in as many as I can! Thanks for participating!!

    REMEMBER!!!!  If you are in the U.S. HE IS A DAY AHEAD so this will happen for us on MONDAY OCTOBER 26, 15  Starting Approximately 4:30pm PST for the Peri-Train and then the BLAB.  The BLAB is scheduled for 6:30pm Pacific – Click here to Register yourself!

  4.  Jason Clarke @TechStud is going to be putting together a video for him to add additional joy to this amazing day! Here are the directions for you share your HEARTFELT message to the amazing man we all adore!

    1. Using your Cellphone / Smartphone of choice, create a video that is NO longer than 30 seconds MAX! 
    2. Be sure to use Landscape (aka Horizontal… NOT PORTRAIT) 
    3. Please UPLOAD your 30 Second or Less video using and use the email as the “Friend’s” email address.
    IMPORTANT!  Use your own email for the sign up in case Jason@TechStud needs to reach you with questions!  
    4. DM Jason (@TechStud) letting me know you have completed your video and uploaded it. I will take it from there. 
    NOTE: Emailing / uploading of your video is Consent to allow us to use your video for the purposes of making a video for Chocolate Johnny and allowing us to post the final result to YouTube for the world to see.
     Q: When will the Video be completed?
    A: Really want it to be ready by Oct 26th. But I will keep you posted. (We are hoping to have him play it live and watch his reaction on the BLAB that night!)  Be sure to get registered for it so you don’t miss it! 
    Q: Will I be able to get a copy of the video?
    A: I will be posting it to YouTube.

    STAY IN THE LOOP!  CLICK HERE TO BE ADDED TO THE EMAIL LIST and specify which activity you want to participate in if there is time.  Since it is a surprise this will be my main source of communicating and giving the schedule for your time slot for the PeriTrain and BLAB 



This will mean the world to him!