Come say Hey! Open Blab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Joel Comm, Vicki Fitch, Terry Brock MBA CSP CPAE, Paul Terry Walhus, The Dr. Vibe Show, Rok Trkaj Terkaj, Mike Broadwell, Rich Roberts, Barry Brooks, Cheryl Jordan, Joni, Marc Gawith, Tyler, Juan Greyling, Gerhard Paasche, sean vosler, Ring Lawn Care, Teddy Towncrier, Sunita Pandit, Duda Art, abdullteef alfanosh, Gmob Mass, Richard Dickinson, Adam Kiddoo, and Glenn Bigelow


  1. @Momocat18 – Blab is really about communicating. It is for anyone who wants to connect with people through live video and share ideas, information and human connections. It is really useful and we’re just getting started!

  2. Sherry Sky says:

    @joelcomm great app! where did you learn to create it? do you think you can still make money with apps especially starting with a modest $200 and how did you advertise in all the cool talk shows?

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