Living the life of your dreams is closer than you think…

With over 20 years in the Direct Sales Industry, spending Top 10 in Sales & Recruiting Internationally for more than a decade, I want to help you and your team #RockThatDream

You’re here for a reason…

Perhaps to make more money by closing more sales with confidence, to schedule more quality, well attended events or to add more of the right team members who are ready to make their dreams a reality too.

If waking up every day in a relaxed state knowing you have control over your own schedule, you can attend events at your kids school or lunch with friends and are not at the mercy of someone else who may or may not truly value your time and your worth is your idea of bliss, you are in the right place.

If you want to experience true financial freedom and think that being your own boss, doing something that you are passionate about and having residual income for life sounds like a better long term plan than a 50 cents an hour raise, you are in the right place.

If building a strong and thriving team of like-minded entrepreneurs that are also experiencing the freedom of time, being their own boss and getting paid what they are worth is exciting to you, you are in the right place!

I want you to know that I WAS you so I know how hard that pull back and forth can be of wanting to stay home and take care of your family but desiring to provide additional income, of wanting to feel valued for something other than cooking, cleaning and laundry and wanting to connect with other passionate people.

I also know what it is like to have a job on top of that and trying to juggle a hectic schedule, divvy up my time appropriately and try to figure out which activities were the most important and would produce the most value/money for my time. I wished that someone would have been there to mentor me!

Having 20 years experience in the direct sales industry and being blessed enough to be among the Top 10 Internationally for more than a decade all while raising a family has given me the unique insight, to help you build a strong business quickly while reducing the learning curve exponentially.

My job is to “meet you where you are” by providing you with the level of service that will complement your needs and desires for success.  Whether you are brand new to direct sales and want to reduce the learning curve,  an established business that wants to increase performance in any key area or a seasoned superstar that wants to think out of the box and provide new material for you and your team, we can provide a service that is right for you.

        • Power Hour Coaching Sessions to provide you clarity, direction and focus for your next action steps
        • Mentoring Programs – Private or Group sessions are available to accommodate every budget, speed at which you are wanting to proceed and depth of knowledge you seek.
        • VIP Exclusive Weekends, Retreats and Bootcamps

My passion is helping others find and reach their true potential and I’m confident that I can help you live the life of your dreams! I’d love to get started on this journey with you and highly recommend you start with my book series on Direct Selling.

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If you know you are ready to #RockThatDream and you want to work with me, click here to book a 1 hour consultation and we can focus on any area you need to improve or do we can figure out a plan for you to capitalize on the time and resources you have available.

Ready to inspire your organization?

Whether you are a leader, starting out with your first recruit or running the corporate office, there is always a need to motivate and inspire your team.

But let’s be honest, motivation and inspiration will only take them so far.

They need simple, actionable advice and a blueprint for tackling their FEAR that is delivered in a way they can remember and relate to in order for them to reach the next level or to develop the Confidence to sell, schedule and recruit like a Rockstar.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and over 30 years as an entrepreneur I will make them laugh and build their Confidence in a way that will have lasting effects on them and their relationships.

If you have read my books or watched my livestreams or podcasts, you know that my tell-it-like-it-is-style is only tempered by my love of people and my desire for them to recognize their true value.

My mission is to cure the world of NES (Not Enough Syndrome) so they can find the best version of themselves  

We do have bulk pricing available on books of 10 or more with increasing discounts with larger quantities.  Click here for bulk pricing.

It makes a great support guide to the materials already provided by the home office.