Bringing you the most COMPREHENSIVE training in the Direct Sales industry all in ONE PACKAGE! Proven methods, comprehensive content, live training, accountability calls, worksheets, and more, guided and directed by a Top 10 Industry leader.

Basics to Brilliance:

Becoming a Direct Sales Rock Star


Waking up every day to a business you LOVE is exciting but adding financial independence, a flexible schedule so your family can stay a priority and that bit of luxury every woman craves, rounds out the perfect dream. When you get to be your own boss, you can invest in your passion for living, be proud of the talents you’re gifted with and connect your authentic self to other like-minded people in a community that is uplifting and encouraging. You have the potential to change the lives of others so they can believe in themselves, become wildly successful and live the life of their dreams too! 

Trouble is… you don’t know how to put all the pieces together into a smooth running, money making, dream building machine. 

So you are floundering around feeling this “dream” will never become reality… Perhaps you are able to present your products or opportunity but your closing /conversion rate is too low to make this a profitable business. Or your sales may be going great but sharing your opportunity creates anxiety, you’re afraid you won’t be able to lead others and you’re avoiding it like the plague. It might even be that you want to live the dream, but you are so fearful of failing, being “labeled” by others or being called “pushy” that you can’t find the confidence to give it an actual try.  

As a 20 year veteran in the Direct Sales industry, I recognize that behind every entrepreneurial rock star, there’s an inspirational mentor, guiding their success to a future as fabulous as their dreams. After achieving a title in 33 days that typically took people 1 year or more to achieve, retiring my husband so he could experience being a stay home dad and rising to the level of Top 10 Internationally in Sales & Recruiting, I’ve been where you are and know how to get you where you want to be. As a Direct Sales Expert, my experience will reduce your learning curve, improve your confidence and increase your sales, scheduling and recruiting so you can live the life of your dreams.

My Experience + Our Focus = Your DREAMS

Camille Nisich“Vicki’s coaching is spot on! From her thorough pre-consultation questionnaire, to the homework she does to prepare, to the advice she gives backed by years of experience and success, you’ll receive value from the first meeting and beyond. Without Vicki’s expertise and probing questions, I would have made a business decision that could have been a big mistake. I highly recommend Vicki’s services for gaining clarity, talking through marketing strategies and working with a supportive entrepreneur who’s been there.”  

Camille NisichInstant Equilibrium

In this course you will learn:

  • To BRAND YOU and not just the company you represent, your fans want to know and connect with you.
  • To INCREASE YOUR SALES by learning how to emotionally inspire your customers to commit to working with you.
  • To SCHEDULE effective and well attended events by using some simple but critical principles.
  • To attract and RECRUIT the right people (vs the Energy Suckers) so you can build a thriving team of like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • To FOLLOW UP like a pro without ever feeling pushy or like you are inconveniencing your customers.
  • How to OVERCOME OBJECTIONS like a professional by learning the right word choices that your customers will appreciate and respect which will influence their decision to purchase from you.
  • How to GENERATE LEADS in any market so your business can thrive any place you choose to be.
  • How to make the PHONE not only your friend but your slave by understanding the power of your Smart Phone!
  • The art and importance of how to C.U.L.T.I.V.A.T.E. a relationship with your customers that produce raving fans that will be loyal to you and not just your brand.
  • To become an EXPERT in your industry and the “Go-To” AUTHORITY so people will turn to you for your advice and to purchase your products or services.
  • The necessary SKILL OF ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS so you can help your customers make informed decisions that will lead them to investing in your products.

Denise Smith 2“Vicki’s warm smile and positive attitude opened my heart to her when we first met.  Through my twenty year career in direct sales, Vicki has been an admirable team mate.  She is a powerhouse of energy, focus, drive, intent and determination.  Each and every milestone achieved in her career has been with excellence and top performance.  I cannot count the number of awards, trips and bonuses I have seen Vicki earn as a National top performer. She has a wealth of expertise and knowledge that is second to none.  Success breeds success! Anyone privileged to be coached and mentored by Vicki will be at a serious advantage in their direct selling career.  Whether you want to start your career in abundance, or whether you want to take your already established career to the highest levels  . . . partnering with Vicki is an enormous win!

Denise Smith – Award Winning Leader, Entrepreneur & FGXpress Founding Leader

What else will you learn:

  • To CHOOSE the right company that aligns with your passion and allows you to create profit, satisfaction and a legacy for future generations.
  • To create eye catching GRAPHICS that will set you apart from your competition and increase your engagements with customers, potential customers and your followers as well.
  • To CREATE and MAINTAIN your own Word Press WEBSITE which will give you confidence, skills and peace of mind that you can update things yourself without having to pay a webmaster for simple changes.
  • Detailed instruction on BUILDING an on line social media presence while learning how to connect, engage and build authority with your audience.
  • Understanding SEO and how to use it to build your brand, drive traffic to your website an increase your sales.
  • Understanding the power of the HASHTAG and how it can build your brand, influence your followers and generate more revenue.
  • Step by Step ORGANIZATION system to increase your productivity, free you from the daily overwhelm and leave you feeling clearer and in control of your day.
  • A proven TIME MANAGEMENT system that will free you up from loss of knowing what to do and when to do it, while balancing your activities from all your responsibilities.
  • Understanding industry PAIN POINTS and how to solve them in order to increase your average transaction, close additional sales and increase your referrals.
  • Avoid the FAMILY & FRIENDS DISCOUNT DILEMMA that erodes your profitability and leaves you feeling used, abused and broke.
  • The skill of MOTIVATING your team to exceed their own expectations that will build camaraderie, increase team production and keep them loyal to your company and your team.
  • GUIDANCE on the right tools to help you be successful while being mindful of your budget, the learning curve and your time.
  • The Skill of effective NETWORKING and how to make the connections keep the connections and turn them into your raving fans!
  • How to hold successful EVENTS and understanding the right things to say, the right items to have and the way to turn them into a profit center.
  • Implementing the skill of PRE-REGISTRATION to make sure your events are full and profitable. You can WOW your participants, pre-register them for future events and make them the ambassadors to fill future events as well!
  • How to use THEMES to set yourself apart, increase your average sale and improve your ROI without spending a dime!
  • Industry experts who will do LIVE WEBINARS and Q & A sessions with you to give you the latest and greatest information to keep you on the cutting edge of your business! 

Heather Sebestyen cropped“Vicki Fitch inspires, encourages, and provides valuable insight as well as tools to help any business. Knowing she is a Direct Sales expert and after viewing her podcast interview, I met with her to discuss taking my Rodan+Fields premium skin care business to the next level. She assisted me in reframing the way I approach certain situations and helped me create a plan with measurable goals. By putting her advice into action the same week as our meeting, my business has already grown. Vicki is clear and concise in how to be successful like a coach coming along side, cheering me on. During our meeting I was brought to tears with gratitude because of her kind and gentle spirit. I look forward to continuing on with Vicki and watching my business grow!”  Heather Sebestyen – Rodan & Fields Independent Consultant

This amazing 3 Month program is a combination of

  • Weekly Live Webinars (with replay access) to give you confidence, an opportunity to ask your questions live and to hear other questions that can benefit your business.
  • Weekly Live Accountability Calls to help you remember what you learned, implement your action steps and retain the key steps to success.
  • Step by Step Instructional Videos on everything from setting up your social media accounts to doing a recruiting interview and setting up your filing systems.
  • Cheat Sheets to boost your engagement on social media, build your networking opportunities and creating market separators to put you ahead of the game
  • Specialty Worksheets on Scheduling, Recruiting, Follow Up, Overcoming Objections, etc.
  • Sample Scripts to help you open conversations, close sales and gain referrals.
  • Custom Guides to help you Close More Sales With Confidence, Understand Buying Thresholds and how to C.U.L.T.I.V.A.T.E. relationships with your customers.
  • Industry experts doing LIVE specialty training on topics such as simple ways to create and maintain your own website on the cheap and much, much more!
  • BONUS:  You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the information!!!

Becoming A Direct Sales Rock Star is being offered for a special introductory price

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  • BONUS #5 – 2 (1) Hour Private Coaching Sessions with Vicki to review anything you want in your business to help propel you to the next level. ($600 Value)
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  • BONUS #8 – Social Media Execution Strategy – where to spend your time and energy to get the results you want based on your target Demographics ($69 Value)

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This course is your ticket to Close More Sales with Confidence, increasing your average sales to make more money and to building a raving fan base that will refer you again and again. We will upgrade your business to VIP Status by attracting and adding the right team members who will catch your vision, add depth and dimension to your team and increase your residual income. We will crank up the volume by adding on the additional layers needed to harmonize your business with scheduling successful events, overcoming objections and a follow up system that will keep your venues calling you back for encores.  If you are serious about your business, making money and living a life more fabulous than your dreams, sign up NOW!  

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There are defining moments in all our lives… let today be yours!  It is your time to SHINE and become a Direct Sales Rock Star!  Can you hear that applause?  They are calling your name to the stage in front of all your peers!  I’m cheering for you and ready to help you make your dreams… REALITY!  LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!!!

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it! – Vicki