“He Said Red Said” Ep.53 with Wagner dos Santos

“He Said Red Said” Episode 53. Hosted by Vicki Hainault Fitch with special guest, Wagner dos Santos. #FitchSlap #FBLive #FacebookLive


  1. I may not be a parent, but I am an uncle….to me it’s just as an important role as a mother or father…or even a grandparent. I will advise my nephews and be forward in my actions with my nephews, but essentially it’s up to my brother’s decision on how discipline should be handled since he’s the parent & I’m not.

  2. I agree, people don’t know have time to “fact check” but the sad thing is, and this is my opinion…people don’t know how to fact check!!!! People are too focused on how many followers they have on Twitter or some other social media site or what some “celebrity” has told them. No one knows how to use the Internet in a constructive way to form an educated and thought out opinion. Again, this is just my opinion and I’m NOT saying everyone is this way!!

  3. Bill Rowe says:

    That’s where politicians have it wrong. It’s not about their power. It’s supposed to be about serving the people of this country. And that is true on both sides of the aisle.

  4. there is a demand, but I think your forgetting that drugs have a history of progression and super addiction. So demand isn’t by choice for many. I have a relative who has lost multiple friends to coke – almost died herself and another in jail – all because of being given meth, etc.

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