“He Said, Red Said” podcast #13 @vicki_fitch @RobertCStern #AskUsAnything

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Kathy Thorsell, Robyn Wright, Robert C. Stern, Gerald DuBose, Vicki Fitch, Anthony Conklin, Jana Francis, and Anna Rounseville


  1. When Robert speaks, people listen. When Vicki speaks, Robert knows to shut up. It’s Robert C Stern and Vicki Fitch in, He said Red Said.

    Thank you for tuning in to Robert C Stern and Vicki Fitch in He Said She said, where today’s lesson was “Vicki is always right”.

  2. Robyn Wright says:

    My worst date – my current Hubby took another girl to the bar we hung out at for months. All of his family and our friends were pissed at him though too and asked him what the hell he was doing!!!