“He Said, Red Said” podcast #18 @vicki_fitch & @RobertCStern with SPECIAL GUEST @KevinMadison

This is a replay of the live broadcast with kevinmadison, Roger, Joel Comm, ★ john pretto – Human 2.0, Robert C. Stern, Johnny illuminati, Vicki Fitch, Anthony Conklin, Matthew Palka, Cliff Bodenweiser, and Brandon Wagner


  1. I’ve volunteered with a non-profit for seven years. Last year, got a stipend for my volunteering. Leadership is a choice to speak up and make a change. Anyone can be great because anyone can serve.

  2. to some of us $50,000 IS good money…. but, I do agree NOT to “chase” money… you do have to chase passion and have the bonus be the resources that Creator brings you from it

  3. Roger says:

    @AandraBohlen Envisioning. actionable steps. goals. mentors. budgets help you make millions. Cars. watches. his point was living outside his means.