“He Said, Red Said” podcast #26 @Vicki_Fitch & GUEST HOST @IAmMattCrane

This is a replay of the live broadcast with John Kapos, Joel Comm, Matt Crane, Vicki Fitch, FLACKO, Adam Nally, D.O., Frank Clark, Anthony Conklin, Blackout, and Cliff Bodenweiser “TMoB”


  1. Frank Clark says:

    @joelcomm Sorry to steal ShaanVP from your show earlier, but you were kind of finished, right? Thanks for sending your people over after your show. We appreciate it.

  2. Frank Clark says:

    @joelcomm If that were on FB like you said, you could use it as a dropin on blab and people could interact with it there. Have you tried that yet? Could be very cool! Lots of potential.