“He Said, Red Said” podcast #27 @Vicki_Fitch GUEST HOST @isocialfanz BrianFanzo

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Vicki Fitch, Brian Fanzo iSocialfanz, Gregg Dotoli, Chris Strub, Joel Comm, Terry buckley, Dr Breakfast, Frank Clark, Patrick Fitzgibbons, Anthony Conklin, and Cliff Bodenweiserβ„’


  1. Our community is more representative of what I envisioned 7 years ago – Periscope was the first platform that actually helped us bring it home. The other platforms are cool but this has been different to Brian’s point.

  2. Frank Clark says:

    @vicki_fitch Depends on the ADHD person. Not all are primarily visual. They can also have different learning styles – auditory or kinesthetic, and that can vary from context to context.

  3. Do you guys think there will eventually be a legitimate new third option other than iPhone and Android in the next 5 years? A whole new approach to smartphones? I could easily see a new live streaming or social media app rolling out its own wearable smart device to take the place of what we have today.

  4. iSymbolize says:

    3rd world and developing countries refer to the internet as “Facebook” because they don’t know the internet. All they know is facebook ON the internet. Google is centralizing communication as is FB. Facebook could scale much further (which is scary!!)