“He Said, Red Said” podcast #32 @Vicki_Fitch & GUEST HOST Adam Nally @DocMuscles

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Vicki Fitch, John Kapos, Adam Nally, D.O., Joel Comm, Anthony Conklin, basschica, Cliff Bodenweiser “TMoB”, and Melissa Reyes


  1. Sandy says:

    @vicki_fitch They are all in Tight Sexy Dresses on Every Station ~ What is going on ? Are they telling them to Dress like that. Betty Boop is on every station.

  2. Yeah, the Dr at the ER came in and told he he knew I was a tough cookie because I had a game face despite the kidney stone and he almost ordered the CT with contrast and might have missed it.

  3. I was so special I had to have 2 surgeries for my kidney stone too. Fully duplicated ureters on the right side and the one the stone was in needed 2 different stents because it was smaller than a coffee straw in diameter 😮