He Said Red Said, Podcast 44 with Ian Murray

“He Said Red Said” Podcast #44, hosted by Vicki Fitch aka “Red” With “A Little Bit of Business & a Whole Lotta Fun!” Special guest, Ian Murray with Dynamic Speaking (www.dynamicspeaking.com.au).

Ian shares his background in the technology sector with companies such as IBM, and public speaking coaching that he offers. He also gives us a brief history of #Australia and shares some of the things that are uniquely #Aussie. He’s brilliant, funny and just an amazing guy.

Vicki is a #DirectSales Expert, #Author, #Speaker, International Business #Consultant & top #livestreamer in #Periscope and #FacebookLive. (2 x day) For more info, visit www.vickifitch.com

This #live #broadcast was produced by Robert Hix and Sam Gonzo with Enlightened Audiovisual from their #Brandroom Studio in Gaithersburg, MD.

“He Said Red Said” song and intro provided by Randall Harp with Chapel Hill Media.

Thank you to Stacy Harp with Bible News Radio for appearing on the broadcast to ask Ian questions. “He Said Red Said” is an interactive show that allows viewers to live comment AND even appear on the show.

Thank you everyone for watching and we’ll see you next Monday at 7:30pm Pacific 10:30pm ET. Remember to Catch Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective on Wednesday Nights at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern

#HeSaidRedSaid is A place to have fun on Monday nights where someone will get #FitchSlapped & where #RedIsAlwaysRight



  1. Adam Nally says:

    So, the moral of this segment is . . . keep smiling and talking when you get #fitchslapped because your pants aren’t torn and you’re not bleeding down your leg.

  2. Ian Murray says:

    Lol… Failed in getting to the FB Live stream, live… Funny to see these comments now.

    I’ll let one cat out of the bag. I hoped we’d get a boxing kangaroo giphy ready for the #fitchslap. *That would have been cool* !!

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