He Said, Red Said Podcast #66 with Angus Nelson

He Said Red Said is “A Little Bit a Business and a Whole Lotta Fun!” Serial Entrepreneur Vicki Fitch aka “Red” interviews amazing guests as her weekly “He” on He Said, Red Said. A place where #RedIsAlwaysRight and Someone may get #FitchSlapped

He Said, Red Said, Angus Nelson will go #Head2HeadWithRed

Does he really know what he’s getting into? I Dunno… but before he leaves he will inspire you and understand… #RedIsAlwaysRight 🙂 We may even have to introduce him to the #FitchSlap 🙂

If you think you would make a great guest, fill out this form and you could be next. https://vicki14.typeform.com/to/Gc5phr


  1. Funny, I’m attached to the thrift store junk I’ve hauled in for 2 decades, not some fancy stuff I bought new. Gonna try your suggestion. Cool landlord. I’ll pitch it that whoever stays here can decide to give away items while I am away. Clutter problem solved 😉

  2. Serendipity is what I live for. It shows I am in the flow. It’s so hard to remember that during the ‘dip’ or lull, and your story helps. It’s faith that saves me every time.

  3. Thanks Angus for another gentle nudge for me to launch even while I am evolving what I offer in the world. Let me know if you come to San Francisco I’d love to meet you in person.

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