He Said, Red Said Podcast #67 with Jeff Bullas

He Said Red Said is “A Little Bit a Business and a Whole Lotta Fun!” Serial Entrepreneur Vicki Fitch aka “Red” interviews amazing guests as her weekly “He” on He Said, Red Said. A place where #RedIsAlwaysRight and Someone may get #FitchSlapped

He Said, Red Said, Jeff Bullas will go #Head2HeadWithRed

Does he really know what he’s getting into? I Dunno… but before he leaves he will inspire you and understand… #RedIsAlwaysRight 🙂 We may even have to introduce him to the #FitchSlap 🙂

If you think you would make a great guest, fill out this form and you could be next. https://vicki14.typeform.com/to/Gc5phr


  1. Yes Jeff Bullas re: vanity metrics, Calling out CRAP metrics is so ON POINT!!! Resist shiny new toys. Brian Solis calls the tracking of metrics that are central to the medium you are on as #mediumism and is down on it. KPI’s should always be defined by the goals of the marketer/business, not the platform.

  2. Right, so glad you said this, Jeff…we have to find a balance of automating content distribution and still be human in responding in a way that we can each keep a balanced life, being smart about how we spend our time. ?

  3. So true. I recall Jeff’s story about making inmates feel like they had been born, by being featured in stories about their experiences, more than anything tactical on his blog.

  4. Boom! let’s get outside our echo-chambers! I am looking to network with diverse voices committed to getting out in front of the right-left, conservative-progressive divides (illusions). Connect if you are game to play…

  5. Create and publish. Period! Sharing the gift is where the magic happens. Love it!!!! Finding our passionate purpose is what it’s about. Thank you Jeff and Vicki. I appreciate the inspiration from each of you. ??

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