“He Said, Red Said” Podcast #7 with – @robertcstern @vicki_fitch

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Robert C. Stern, John Kapos, Nazim and Betti, Travis Statham, Joel Comm, ★ john pretto – Human 2.0, Vicki Fitch, Jana Francis, Tim Gillette, Brittany Metz, and Alexia Anastasio


  1. Before social media I had no stats to know if my Photos or Design or Artwork was improving. Nobody on the outside was there to acknowledge the quality, so I had to look for improvement on my own.

  2. @RobertCStern to many Coaches, Authority figures and Experts that misleading in so many ways and platforms… I watched someone who claims to be an expert/authority get totally disected today and it was great btw!!

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