Insights into Digital & Social Marketing

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  1. @RyanHallTV 1) Go to investor group/association events to meet them. 2) Look for investment organizations that fund companies like you 3) Have a pitch deck or 2-page exectuive summary to send and request a brief intro meeting

  2. Getting the massage across exactly as it is the most important skill… I konw a person who can write a biography in 20 pages and each word would be like exactly where it should be.

  3. Ian Murray says:

    We talked earlier a lot about pitching for investment. One of the things we shared, is the power of BEING the prize that the investor is buying. It’s not just the products/services we deliver, it’s BEING the character.. Interesting parallel to acting… you are the product every day.

  4. Ian Murray says:

    Has someone asked… How have you gone about not being stereotyped by your previous roles? When you are the product… you want to showcase your flexibility – but where, if you’re known for one thing?

  5. @cindymichelle so sorry that i missed this! i had to jump off for a conf call! but, thank you for thinking of me and inviting me. i’m truly honored @loriwebb thank you for spearheading this trailblazing movement!