Keeping the Community Safe a discussion w @vicki_fitch & calling @robertcstern

This is a replay of the live broadcast with BibleNewsRadio, Vicki Fitch, John Kapos, Hatrick and Ramsay, Carlos A. Garcia, Mikey Sausage, Robyn Wright, Daniel Postma, Randall K. Harp, Tim Gillette, Barry Brooks, kevinmadison, Cathy Hackl, Joel Comm, Barb Tomlin, Jilleysue, Cliff Bodenweiser “TMoB”, Ricki Prime, Ed B., Alessandra Colaci, Viviane Aires, BrittanyMadz, Patrick Voss, and Mark Storm


  1. Yeah, you can only do something once you know. And as long as you give someone a fair shake and a chance to make it right and if they don’t, then if you handle it honorably, that’s the best you can do. I think that’s what you’ve done @vicki_fitch Much respect.

  2. @vicki_fitch you have dealt with this professionally, not saying things until you knew for sure @robertcstern was scamming folks… and you have the integrity to come here and step up about what you now know is going on

  3. Jana Francis says:

    @Brittany_Madz bullcrap. tons of people buy Twitter followers but how does that make someone a scammer? BIG DIFFERENCE. I don’t believe in buying followers but it doesn’t make someone a scammer

  4. @AlessandraCo – People online that are looking for hope ~ purchase a product and don’t receive what they paid for feel they are alone and don’t know where to turn and don’t speak out.

  5. @Brittany_Madz What I am saying is be very careful with how you speak about him. Many of us here know him personally & professionally. HE IS LEGIT and an amazing person. Just be careful until you truly know someone before you speak.

  6. @Brittany_Madz wouldn’t the right forum for that to start your own separate discussion/blab for it with evidence/multiple victims (if it’s truly the case)? But a blanket statement isn’t credible in and of itself.

  7. @Brittany_Madz I don’t care about that. I’m saying, to highjack comments in a discussion about something else and just saying someone is bad isn’t the appropriate venue. Start a separate blab with others to back it up if you want to be credible.

  8. @Brittany_Madz nothing. Barely know of him, saw him talk about some phone mounts once on a shared scope. I’m saying you’re hijacking a convo, after trolling on several blabs the last few days and you should start your own, with credible evidence/multiple accounts from people, to back up your statements. It’s not for this discussion. You’re hurting your own credibility.

  9. @mcphillips It’s alright. She’s just causing trouble and has NOTHING to back up anything she’s saying. She doesn’t know him the way many of us do. I have worked with him and know the work that he does. He has worked with my brands and she knows NOT what she speaks of.

  10. StreamLife says:

    @Brittany_Madz you’re OBVIOUSLY a spoof account since you know so much about blab but yet have only been here for 8 days…either get on cam and show face to make your claims or please stop.

  11. I am new to this but if there are others out there doing this, the right thing is to speak up. Hearing that this was going on and people out there knew while Vicki was planning this tour and people knew….it is just not morally right

  12. StreamLife says:

    @Brittany_Madz not doubting about Robert. But for someone who’s “new” you posted his information, and have comments and knowledge about things a newbie wouldn’t.

  13. @Brittany_Madz: you’re full is shit. Fanzo is one of the most stand-up people in the live streaming community. go take your recently created troll account (with 3 Twitter followers) elsewhere

  14. @RobertScamStern you hurt your own credibility being a 0 day account with a name like that. Be yourself as you are/have been with whatever account and your comments will matter more.

  15. @PetLoveBiz yeah… It changes friendships/family etc. I’ll give/help if I see worthy, but loaning makes you scrutinize and judge and negative etc. And whether right or wrong etc, it just taints it.

  16. I was immediately skeptical having never heard of this “social media expert” prior to Periscope. The social media world isn’t my space, but I have a good sense of who has been around for a while

  17. Q says:

    @docmuscles It was Robert, Vicki and myself, as well as other folks who were making fun of AZ. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  18. Q says:

    @vicki_fitch That’s not what I am talking about. @docmuscles said he didn’t think it was on the schedule, and I said it was. There was that blab we were all on, and it was on the website.

  19. Q says:

    @vicki_fitch I didn’t go that far on the website. The point is we all talked about it and I saw the city and date on the website. So to me, I thought it was happening. We all also discussed meeting each other. He also asked me out on a date when you all were here.

  20. @qthebrand I registered for the AZ conference and called the venue the day before and the weren’t sure of what it was. Then I got a message 2 hours later from Vicki it had been cancelled the night before.

  21. @ChrisStrub they are handling it respectfully. He lied and deceived. They deserve to get the truth by putting together the pieces and others deserve to know. They aren’t being mean.

  22. I actually reached out to him asking about the OC Janaury date because I was going to show up to see Vic, he read my message on FB and would not respond despite my continuing to ask him