Living the Life of Your Dreams?

Are you Living The Dream?

When you were in high school, did you ever have a guidance counselor tell you that you should “Live your dreams!”?

Do what you love and the money will follow -

Probably not, but “Why?”  is the question we should be asking ourselves. People tend to  live what they learn and most people are not taught to dream.  As a matter of fact they are often criticized for it… “Stop Daydreaming”   “Get your head out of the clouds”   “Be realistic”, etc. Since most of the people in your life have been subjected to this same perspective, their dreams have likely been tucked up on a shelf or locked away in a closet somewhere. I believe that although they may have been subdued and have probably stopped pounding on the door to let them out, they are still there, we just have to wake them up and resuscitate them.

Most of us dream of having financial freedom and being able to take exotic vacations, time off of work when we want and being our own boss. We don’t want to feel guilty for taking time off to see our kids play sports or to care for them when they are sick. We want the best of both worlds and they are both available to you as an entrepreneur!

So let’s start by figuring out what you are passionate about.  What makes you smile or happy?  What do you love doing?  What is your hobby?  If you knew you could make a living doing your hobby, would you?  If the answer is no, you may need to find a new hobby that you actually love!  If the answer is yes, you should start your research right now on how you can turn that Passion into a Profitable Career.

Are you Living Your Dreams?  If not, we should talk. I will do a free 20 Min Consultation with you to help clear up your vision and give you clear, actionable steps to progress!

Always remember to be true to YOU and your days will be blended with passion, purpose and profits.  Remember to Dream Big and check back for our next Blog on the Top 10 Tips to Build a Direct Sales Business.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it! – Vicki

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