Looking for @ItsTheLucas THE NEXT DAY

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Vicki Fitch, Kara Lambert, John Kapos, Colin’s Random Thoughts, Mr. Green Eyes, Smokey Mountain Chaz, Anthony Conklin, Kerrie Phipps, Moonshadow, Seis Ocho, Jim Thomas, @belikemarcus, Kevin Black, and Vin Brown


  1. He is young and needed to find a way to express himself. Notice that no parents came to question why he was on that late and that long. He was tired by the time he got off, as were most of us. Maybe he is asleep. Hopefully, he gets out tonight. Vicki, I hope you got rest and your back is better today.

  2. Anyone that says that about a baby or a race cannot be changed in two hours. You’re like a prison phycologist attempting to fix a sociopath in two hours. Anyone that says that is truly disturbed and scamming you.

  3. Bill Rowe says:

    New decisions are made every day. It is possible that Lucas was able to make a new decision yesterday based on new information that he received from his talk with Vicki

  4. Bill Rowe says:

    I people feed the bully they will continue to bully. We can show that we care by talking to a person and show them that there is another way. It then becomes their choice to accept the support that has been offered.

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