Rock Star Guide

Supply Links

This is the current planner I am using

Standard colors plus extras for coding 🙂

Color keeps me excited about working on tasks

I like stand alone erasers on big projects so my pencils are in tact for quick jobs 🙂

I like this one because it has pockets 🙂

If you prefer a single notebook

I use these to mark special pages & sections

Most smart phones have timers but some are programmed not to go off when they are in silent mode (which it should be while you are working on this so you may need one too 🙂 )

Color coding helps keep the brain visually organized

This multi pack is perfect to start. Individual packs of the most used colors are next

I use Blue for Income Producing Events that I schedule like Retreats, etc. (Be sure to get Light Blue not Dark)

Green I use for Personal Events including Birthday, Parties, Weddings, etc.

I use Red for business events that cannot be rescheduled (i.e. conventions, corp meetings, etc.)

I use Yellow for open dates to schedule

Keeping all these supplies in one place, helps keep me organized and on task!

I use Sharpie’s everyday! Don’t forget the Sharpie!

This is if you have wall space next to your work area

This is if you have a door close to your work area

If neither hanging version is an option use this Tiered Desk File Folder Holder. Remember a Clutter Free desk is better if the wall space or door is CLOSE to your work area. REMEMBER to order the Days of the Week Folders too!

If you need regular file folders, here is a handy link!

If you are like me, you might prefer color coding things 🙂 Try these!!

I added BONUS MATERIAL into the course based on this book and I highly recommend it for a #ProductivityBoost Do yourself a favor and GET THIS BOOK!