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You are probably here because you know Livestreaming (yes it is a verb) is the hottest trend in social media and if you are in business, making the most of this FREE opportunity is critical to building an effective business and a brand.

If you’ve been wondering “How do I Live Stream?”and wanting to get some FREE Livestreaming Training, you found it!  If you have noticed that Periscope, Facebook Live & YouTube Live are making up a huge part of your social media news feeds and wondering “How do you effectively Live Stream” so it is worth your time and energy, you are in the right place!

I developed this FREE 3 Day Mini Course to help you get started in the live streaming space, improve your delivery and convert those contacts into CASH!

Whether you have been holding yourself back from stepping into the LiveStreaming space or Rockin’ it with your Live Streams you will find some value here on how to step up your game and #RockThatStream

The Free Mini Course will help you to:

  • Understand the basics of setting up your live stream
  • Clue you in to etiquette on the platform so you don’t get yourself marked as a “troll” or ignored by broadcasters and potential followers
  • How to get people to notice your live streams and to share out your broadcasts without being pushy, salesy or sleazy
  • Know the best and easiest equipment to use (on a budget or not)
  • Validating visitors so they will Value YOU

and so much more!  So I hope you take the opportunity to jump into some FREE Training that will help you make a name for yourself as well as build the Know, Like & Trust Factor faster and easier than ever before!

Thanks for being here and I can’t wait to help you… #RockThatStream

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