Smack My #Fitch Up

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Chris Ripka, Cole Johnson, Eren Mckay, Ileane Smith, Abdul, Bob King, Vicki Fitch, PALERMO, Summit, Adam Nally, D.O., JP Freeman, and Jeremy Griffin


  1. Bob King says:

    @mohammedabshaun On NYT best sellers list, I think they can indirectly buy their way on to it (eg by spending lots of $$ on marketing efforts) but not directly. Just an opinion on my part.

  2. Bob King says:

    @Ileane There’s one issue with that thought process, it really limits the growth of the Blab user base. If television had done that, it would have grown much slower – oh, can’t have a show on at X time because that’s when I Love Lucy is on

  3. Bob King says:

    @Ileane What I’d love to see, when he’s doing one of those regular shows. When he gets to his signature question, be hilarious if he asked the guest something completely different! ROFL

  4. Bob King says:

    Unrelated note, I found we had an original copy (LP) of Prince’s Purple Rain album today, opened but still w/original shrink wrap, no scratches, and original poster intact

  5. Bob King says:

    @HCHCAdvertising I like to look at the aggregate information, for example, at one point I analyzed all the resources his guests suggested, and compiled a list by frequency

  6. Bob King says:

    @Ileane IMHO, not just different business model (eg daily vs not daily) but different niche – we have enough business, marketing, etc podcasts. There’s a HUGE untapped potential of people that are NOT listening to ANY podcasts. Those people have hobbies, interests and passions no one is yet speaking to

  7. Bob King says:

    @HCHCAdvertising Yes, I can understand the difference. I was a long-time proponent that Facebook should have had a pay by month model for opting out of ads

  8. Bob King says:

    @cjripka And I’d like to see Facebook, Google, etc give EU the finger (over their privacy BS) and tell the EU users “Pay to Play” or leave the platform

  9. Bob King says:

    @cjripka reason I asked, if you are looking at currency and emerging tech type topics, aren’t you in direct competition with platforms like TechCrunch, etc

  10. Bob King says:

    @mohammedabshaun I agree with what you are saying. My question was worded as I did to be thought provoking, in trying to figure out his niche and who he’s looking to reach

  11. Bob King says:

    @mohammedabshaun for example, imagine if someone wanted to launch a podcast that did “the same thing” as TMZ (eg pop news, celebrity stuff) that’s a very difficult market to penetrate

  12. Bob King says:

    if you want to hear Eren without her being interrupted, you can click that little speaker in the lower left corner of @cjripka box and mute him (like I did)

  13. Bob King says:

    @cjripka I asked that because, for example, @LelandBest uses a different tool to stream his video to multiple sources – I know we’re comparing live streaming vs recorded podcasts, but it can get confusing if we don’t define the terms

  14. Sandy says:

    I Saw PRINCE at his “Purple Rain Concert” in AUSTIN TEXAS and he was so AMAZING. He had us all up dancing through the whole concert. It was Electrifying. @Ileane He was one of the most AMAZING Musicians EVER & that CONCERT was my favorite concert EVER !!!

  15. Sandy says:

    Not wearing a seat belt in the car accident and the Jason Spurlock killed in on his motorcycle ~ he wasn’t wearing his Helmet and he died on Easter Sunday 🙁

  16. @BKreativeMedia Anchor is cool….but if you really want to get your product or service out there—live streaming is the best way….I mean I provide Lawn Care & know a little somethin about WordPress (a lot actually) and am able to get my message out to other Landscape Pros….you probably have a TON of value to share without giving it all away…

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