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Is Bigger really Better?

Instinctively some would say “YES!” but without context you might be making a huge mistake.  For instance if I was talking about problems… Is a BIGGER problem really BETTER?  I think not. So let’s talk Social Media numbers, DOES SIZE MATTER?

On the YES side, bigger numbers add a form of “social proof” to your legitimacy. It doesn’t truly represent your value but it is an indicator that people look at. If 10,000 people are following you on a platform it gives others a sense that you are “worth” following because it suggests that others are finding your content valuable. There are plenty of people with a lot of followers that have little value to add but that is for another post, today we are talking numbers and their relevance to building your business.

On the NO side, everyone has to start out somewhere. We all start out with 1. So if you have one follower you may be at the beginning of a journey to 1 million, your value hasn’t changed but the world may not have had a chance to experience it yet. Social Media Growth Tracking Guide

So what am I trying to get at? NUMBERS DO MATTER but remember “It isn’t the SIZE that COUNTS, it is what you do with it.” If you have 100 followers that engage with you and share your content out, that is worth more than 10,000 followers who don’t read or share.  Bigger looks better from the outside but engagement converts to profitability.  Engaged followers are 100% more likely to purchase than those who are just place holders on your followers list.

Connecting with your followers & engaging with them on social media platforms is valued currency. It is appreciated and respected and encourages people to like, share, tweet, retweet, etc. your content which gives you exposure and increases your numbers so YES, I say it again, SIZE MATTERS but the speed at which your lists grow is much less important than the fact that it IS growing. If your lists and followers aren’t growing it is a trigger for you to explore whether or not your content or delivery system is working for your audience. Tracking, gives you the opportunity to improve for those that are following and to create content and products that they are interested in.

Which brings me to my 12 Week Social Media Growth Challenge – every Friday I take a few minutes to track my social media numbers so I can stay current on if my lists and following are growing.  If you haven’t been tracking your growth, it is OK, you can start TODAY.  Just click the link for the challenge and you can download a handy chart to fill in your numbers and start paying attention today to what is happening in your business. (Use the Blank Spot for your email list) As a way to encourage you and keep you informed about some social media platforms and how they can assist you, I will be sending you 1 email a week for 12 weeks.  Reminding you to jot down your numbers, while sharing tips and tricks each week to help you get traction out of the most popular or progressive social media platforms so you can utilize a FREE way to build your business and your brand. I will even add in some Rock Stars for you to follow on each platform to help you get the most out of it!

So YES it is true SIZE MATTERS as a value indicator that you are consistently listening to and building your fan base. So join the challenge and let’s grow together!

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