#TruthTalkLive Communication Mistakes and What to do to avoid them

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Anthony Conklin, Michael D Haines, Vicki Fitch, Bob King, Josh Lankford, Jen Hoverstad, Frank Clark, Robert Myers, Daniel Postma, Cliff Bodenweiser “TMoB”, and Anna Rounseville


  1. Robert Myers says:

    No, questions…but as an attorney, you are describing something I used to see commonly in my practice. In many instances the basis of contract disputes [litigation].

  2. @subbob Anthony had a show w/ someone he chose for a co-host for one show, another show came up or two and sounds like some feelings were hurt on the part of the original co-host. Who wasn’t chosen for those further shows. So he felt bad that the former co-host felt bad, I think that’s the gist,

  3. Bob King says:

    (Comment) On the topic of communication, I often take strides to ensure my Blab chat comments are clear as to whether it is a /Q for the show, a question for the others not seated, or just a comment/reference

  4. Bob King says:

    @ARounseville Funny you mentioned ADHD Crack. I slept in today, didn’t take my Concerta (eg Meth) πŸ™‚ until 11 AM. So no matter what I “want to do” – I can’t go to sleep until about 3 or 4 AM

  5. Bob King says:

    @robertmyersjd Great Q about cultural differences, two weeks ago, I spoke on Blab with 3 different people from Iraq, Israel, and Egypt in the span of 2 hours

  6. Bob King says:

    @KatherineZupan Good point. @AnthonyJConklin is taking the “high road” by accepting responsibility. It’s like being the 1st person to apologize in an ambiguous situation

  7. Frank Clark says:

    @anthonyjconklin Even professional communicators – actors, Television talk show hosts, TV news anchors screw up all the time so don’t be too tough on yourself. Work to make it better, and if you can’t resolve to do better with the next person but you also have to let it go.

  8. Bob King says:

    A suggestion for any in the room that did not understand @getmikespeaking, listen to him more… You’ll find out he’s speaking more clearly than YOU are listening

  9. Lotus Yon says:

    one thing I always tell my team about communication is that it works 100% better when we have trust which means we have to all commit to two things: 1) being honest and direct and 2) not taking others’ honesty personally

  10. Bob King says:

    @nukermage I would suggest offering context. If you were doing it to be humorous, then perhaps write “I think you might find ths funny…” or something like that

  11. Frank Clark says:

    How many times have you sent or received a text that was misinterpreted or misunderstood? Or a FB msg? Or a Tweet? Or an e-mail? With more media platforms come more opportunities both to communicate and to miscommunicate. It is inevitable.

  12. Frank Clark says:

    Just like the game of telephone from when we were kids – the more distant from the source, the higher the chance that the original meaning of the communication will be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

  13. When my husband and I were getting to know each other before we started dating, we communicated a lot by email. Well, I got freaked out, I was 19 and he was 21 and it was the first time I had been in that kind of a relationship, and I got scared. I sent him this big long email about wanting to just be friends, and he sent me this email complimenting me and then got that email about being friends in response and he took it wrong. We didn’t talk for 14 long months!

  14. Frank Clark says:

    Plus add in people are often in a rush. People are often distracted. Autocorrect does not always work in our favor. Leads to many opportunities for botched communication on texts especially.

  15. Bob King says:

    @ARounseville Do you wear headphones or use speakers? Most of the time I use speakers, but I find I can better understand @getmikespeaking when wearing headphones (less signal degradation)

  16. LEFT brain goes to the grocery store and buys bread. RIGHT brain sees the flowers and tastes the chocolates on the way to and from the three stores that sell bread in order to find the lowest price and prettiest package of bread.

  17. Frank Clark says:

    If men want to understand how women think and communicate, you should read romance novels. They are the best selling books and are read almost exclusively by women.

  18. Frank Clark says:

    @ARounseville I did not say you did. I just said they are generally the best selling books, even though very few men ever read them. They resonate with women very much because they obviously like the communication style they represent.

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