#TruthTalkLive How Many Followers do you have? Does it Matter? @AnthonyJConklin

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Anthony Conklin, Vicki Fitch, Michael D Haines, Leland Best, Inspirational Expert, Ross Quintana, Matt Gibson, Jens Oliver, and Blackout


  1. BradO says:

    @BelleStrategies yeah that’s a cool feature, I never really used the filter tabs they had before so this is a nice replacement… but… I dunno its just different lol

  2. ya does everyone here really read thei feed ? i just add people if i know what they do and who they are and then refer bac for connetions / references etc… thhe tweets justscroll by 90% unless somethig catches the ey

  3. well if you go on the premise that those 3 people tell 3 people that tell 3 people and all those people ENGAGE then yes Quantity matters, I personally think the Quality of the followers with like interests, and goals and grow “that” garden.

  4. @AnthonyJConklin for not having a biz, my numbers are interesting, also different platforms have different number ratios. Pinterest followers is a different animal than Twitter followers. By the numbers: Twitter= 1,197: Blab =509: FB= 205 Friends, Pinterest= 394

  5. When the live blab is viewable on Twitter it woulld grow but then Twitter would just do that and blab would want traffic on their site. That is why a big platform will end up winning

  6. @AnthonyJConklin i duno if u saw this cause u were in the moment but i heard u wanted some help with the software mixer i used… dm me on twitter if u wanna take a look after this ill be around ..

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