#TruthTalkLive SUNDAY When you change someones life

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Anthony Conklin, Vicki Fitch, Q, and Greg “The Big Dreamer”


  1. Vicki Fitch says:

    @cbhangrao do you know Anthony? We are happy to have you in but when it is on the record we want to make sure you are wanting to participate. Usually you need a pic and a bio to get in

  2. Sandy says:

    OF COURSE You Make am Impact Anthony ~ that’s why we are here. You draw a great crowd, you have great things to say and so do the people who are here, Q, Vicki Fitch, etc. @AnthonyJConklin AMEN @QtheBrand

  3. Zach ✅ says:

    @AnthonyJConklin Did you see any of the Coachella performances last week out in California. Ice Cube played also Calvin Harris played & Guns & Roses played as well

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