Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective Episode 4 Special Guest @TedRubin

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Vicki Fitch, Matt Gibson, John Kapos, Christopher Knight, Ted Rubin, Kevin Black, Anthony Conklin, Moonshadow, Wgner dos Santos, Moose, vlazplaz, and Jacob Wolfman Media


  1. Beth Harris says:

    I grew up with a “bad dad”… but when my ex left me for a younger woman, I stayed local, only because I did not want my kids to grow up without a dad like I did. (hard on me, but good for the kids)

  2. All about the kids. I could have told my son’s dad when he ‘stopped’ being a dad and then wanted to start again, that he could get lost. I thought of my son and let him back in. My son had a good relationship for many years with his dad

  3. Bob King says:

    What @TedRubin is talking about, it is why I always take notes, I write down questions or things I might “want to say” so I can clear my mind to better listen