Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective Episode 8 Special Guest Jen Lehner @Jenrgy

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Vicki Fitch, Bruce Himmelblau, Jennifer Lehner, The Tech Buzz (Stephen), Anthony Conklin, and Sheri Bambrough


  1. I get asked every single day by Twitter to Accept Automated Post and Shares and I turn them down every single day and it started about 5 months ago @vicki_fitch and I’m a #1 no spam passer on all my platforms 😉

  2. Robyn Wright says:

    Ohhhh PRODUCT IDEA – selfie stick to attach phone too with long extension that goes BEHIND you and hangs lightweight piece of green fabric! PORTABLE GREEN SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @MartyMcPadden @thetechbuzz

  3. Robyn Wright says:

    The problem is that Facebook is already thought of (now) as the bad guy – they are no longer the underdog. Google *WAS* the underdog for a long time, but no more. Now it becomes a battle of who makes it EASIER – not the best quality. That is just a fact of tech life.

  4. Mike Baltus says:

    ya’all gotta remember that a majority of initial content will be consumed in mobile, so while quality can be part of the conversation- ones content will dictate what gets consumed on any platform

  5. Robyn Wright says:

    As social media high impact users and/or influencers and/or early adapters – we are willing to try new things, but the “average joe” is not. They want SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE – the KISS acronym still applies to all of life for the majority of people.

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