Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective Podcast Ep 46 with Rache…

Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective #Podcast Episode #46 with Rachel Moore – Speaker and Livestream Host of Really Social

Rachel shared her hometown roots, her years as a Thespian and corporate America and her exciting launch in to #SocialMedia and #LiveStreaming

Take a listen as she shares some #SocialMedia Solid Gold to help you with your business and your brand in her unique #ReallySocial way and pick up her freebie E-book

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Next guest for #VickiFitchLive is Peter Nez aka Professor Nez on October 25, 2017

Vicki is a #DirectSales Expert, #Author, #Speaker, International Business #Consultant & top daily #livestreamer on #Periscope and #FacebookLive. For more info, visit & she offers a #Free 20 Min #Consultations – If you are interested in other services Vicki has to offer go to

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