Vicki Fitch Live: Evict The Bully Podcast 14 with Hilary Silver

Join host Vicki Fitch for Vicki Fitch Live: Evict The Bully Series. Vicki has a new book coming out called Evict The Bully in Your Head and on the FIRST Wednesday of each month she includes a special guest that has been through extraordinary challenges with the “Bully” and has prevailed. These episodes often require tissues but they also add a strong dose of hope, encouragement and perspective to life as wel know it.

This weeks guest is Hilary Silver, a Relationship Expert & Women’s Empowerment Coach. She has an amazing story to share so don’t miss it!

If you think you would make a great guest, fill out this form and you could be next.


  1. Adam Nally says:

    When you recognized that “nothing was wrong with you,” did you realize that autonomy was actually possible? Was it a recognition that your spirit was actually autonomous instead of anonymous?

  2. Adam Nally says:

    It is so refreshing to hear a therapist state that learning to create relationships is therapeutic….not “loving yourself.” Learning to express and share love, appears to be the healing balm instead of focusing on “self-love”

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