Vicki Fitch Live: Evict The Bully Series with Guest, Allison K…

Join host Vicki Fitch for Vicki Fitch Live: Evict The Bully Series. Vicki has a new book coming out called Evict The Bully in Your Head and on the FIRST Wednesday of each month she includes a special guest that has been through extraordinary challenges with the “Bully” and has prevailed. These episodes often require tissues but they also add a strong dose of hope, encouragement and perspective to life as wel know it.

This weeks guest is Entrepreneur, Author, & Volunteer Allison Krause She has an amazing story to share so don’t miss it!

If you think you would make a great guest, fill out this form and you could be next.


  1. Never Ever look down on yourself for not exploding at that time in anger or out of control ! I think you knew it was her time and you supported that respectfully peacefully and admirably dear Allison Krause ! ?

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