Vicki Fitch Live with Courtney Smith Kramer

FACEBOOK LIVE’s live Podcast. Join Vicki Fitch for Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective as she interviews amazing guests that are crushing it in life, business or have something unique to share. Vicki’s in depth interview style finds her guests sharing a different part of themselves and her questions always lead to a Fresh Perspective.

This week’s guest is Courtney Smith Kramer with Purematter. She’s an Author and an Executive Creative Director. Special appearance by Mia Voss with Zipkick.

Broadcast and produced by Robert Hix and Sam Gonzalez with Enlightened Audiovisual


  1. Bryan Kramer with Courtney Smith Kramer.
    5 hrs ·
    Happy and excited to announce that we are combining creativity, innovation and humanity into one show with Courtney Smith Kramer as my new co-host for #H2HChat. Please join us every Monday!

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