Vicki Fitch Live:A Fresh Perspective Ep#39 with Nazim Beltran

FACEBOOK LIVE’s First Podcast. Join host Vicki Fitch for Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective as she interviews amazing guests that are crushing it in life, business or have something unique to share. Vicki’s in depth interview style finds her guests sharing a different part of themselves and her questions always lead to a Fresh Perspective.

This weeks guest is Nazim Beltran, Italian Lifestyle Blogger.
Please join us for another fantastic interview and mark your calendars every Wednesday night at 7pm Pacific!

If you think you would make a great guest, fill out this form and you could be next.


  1. ?:aren’t you worried that building Facebook as a cornerstone for livecasting risks them jacking up the cost to play like they did with Biz pages, eventually? They hook you when it’s new, then it’s all pay to play…

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