What is Periscope & Why Should I Live Stream

What is Periscope and will it work for me?

In late April 2015, Twitter scooped up a little company called Periscope and changed the world and Live Streaming efforts everywhere. So what is Periscope and why should you hop on board? I’ve got an answer for you…

Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to instantly broadcast your message worldwide. As a business person or someone eager to get your message out to a large audience, you can probably understand why having instant worldwide access would be valuable. So let’s talk… why now? Is it too late to join the live streaming party? No, this is the perfect time to get involved!

Twitter has over 1 Billion Users (yes that is Billion with a B). There are approximately 25 million users on Periscope and only about 1% of those people have actually been on air and only about half of those Live Stream with any consistency. Breaking that down further to those that are actually offering consumable content vs watching fluffy sleep or someone who’s ‘scoping an unsuspecting friend who’s had too much to drink, the number of people that are broadcasting in a productive way is less than .25%.  That puts you at a HUGE advantage. WHY? Because as more and more users become familiar with Periscope, there will be more people wanting to consume content and a huge need for value to be found.

Look at this Twitterverse pyramid.  As the rest of the pyramid fills in, your status will rise if you are broadcasting and you will be at the top of the pyramid which is what we call an Influencer.

Twitterverse & Periscope Pyramid 2 by Vicki FitchTwitterverse & Periscope Pyramid 1 by Vicki Fitch

How do people recognize value on Periscope? There are several factors that will be taken into consideration one of which is your “Heart count”.  “Hearts” are the social currency of Periscope. When viewers find your content valuable they will tap the screen which produces a visible heart for each tap, that floats up the screen and shows the broadcaster that you are finding value in the message that is being shared.  In addition the viewers will SHARE the content out to show they like what is being presented. At the time of this article there are 3 ways to share: 1) to your Periscope Viewers (people will follow you to get notification of your content)   2) Twitter – with the live streaming option in the Twitter feed this can produce more followers on both platforms instantly  3) on Facebook – the integration posts a link to allow others to connect to the platform.  Encourage your viewers to share to all three platforms if they are finding value in the message.

I understand you may be afraid to hit the broadcast button for various reasons so let’s talk about those too.

 “But no one will want to watch me!”

Although in the beginning, we all start with 1 Follower and 1 Heart, that can quickly change. If  you want suggestions to get in front of influencers that can help you with the transition, let’s talk. You will likely grow proportionate to your abilities and that works out well. You will get better and more and more people will follow. It takes time to grow a following but it is well worth it and if you haven’t signed up for my Free 12 Week Social Media Growth Challenge, do it now. It comes with a guide to track your progress and weekly tips on different social media platforms to help you get the most out of the time you invest in social media.

“People will make fun of me.”

#HatersGonnaHate, we can’t do anything about it but with the right hashtags like #Entrepreneur #BizChat, #Motivation, etc. few trolls come to the party but if they do, you will have a legion of supporters encouraging you to go on and have a #BlockParty where you block them and they can’t come back. It is really a simple process. Still nervous?  Join my Facebook Group, the Entrepreneurial Rock Stars. I periodically have a #PeriHop where all new #PeriPeeps have a safe environment to practice the platform with encouraging people and influencers cheering you on.  You are not alone!!

You might be asking about other Live Streaming apps like Facebook Live, Meerkat, MeeVee and other players that are popping up on the scene and wondering if they are going to make Periscope irrelevant? My answer is “No Way” but I will save that info for another post. 🙂

Want to check out some live broadcasts? I typically ‘scope 2 x day around 8:30am & 6pm Pacific time most everyday. You can download the Periscope app on your smartphone and follow me @Vicki_Fitch or if you don’t have access to a smartphone you can watch online at www.vickifitch.com/periscope You will also find my #PeriCrush of the week list there and you can follow those fantastic people! If you have questions about your business or learning to monetize live streaming, let’s do a free 20 Minute Consultation and I will help you #RockThatDream

Until next time, remember to

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!Vicki

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