Basics to Brilliance – (Webinar Group Course)

BASICS TO BRILLIANCE “B2B” is a live, 12 Week webinar series for entrepreneurs that want to learn how to be Direct Sales Rock Stars

This course is your ticket to Close More Sales with Confidence, increasing your average sales to make more money and to building a raving fan base that will refer you again and again. We will upgrade your business to VIP Status by attracting and adding the right team members who will catch your vision, add depth and dimension to your team and increase your residual income. We will crank up the volume by adding on the additional layers needed to harmonize your business with scheduling successful events, overcoming objections and a follow up system that will keep your venues calling you back for encores.

In this course we will learn:

  • To BRAND YOU and not just the company you represent, your fans want to know and connect with you.
  • To INCREASE YOUR SALES by learning how to emotionally inspire your customers to commit to working with you.
  • To SCHEDULE effective and well attended events by using some simple but critical principles.
  • To attract and RECRUIT the right people (vs the Energy Suckers) so you can build a thriving team of like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • To FOLLOW UP like a pro without ever feeling pushy or like you are inconveniencing your customers.
  • How to OVERCOME OBJECTIONS like a professional by learning the right word choices that your customers will appreciate and respect which will influence their decision to purchase from you.
  • How to GENERATE LEADS in any market so your business can thrive any place you choose to be.
  • How to make the PHONE not only your friend by your slave by understanding the power of your Smart Phone!
  • The art and importance of how to C.U.L.T.I.V.A.T.E. a relationship with your customers that produce raving fans that will be loyal to you and not just your brand.
  • To become an EXPERT in your industry and the go to AUTHORITY so people will turn to you for your advice and to purchase your products or services.
  • The necessary SKILL OF ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS so you can help your customers make informed decisions that will lead them to investing in your products.
Basics to Brilliance       $2,250           $997

NOTE:  Website creation and detailed social media coaching is available for an additional fee.

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Basics to Brilliance (Private One-On-One)